Welcoming visitors to the city of Breda
Breda is one of country’s most beautiful cities. It has a rich history, a vibrant nightlife and it’s the perfect place for shopaholics & foodies. Add winner of the ‘Best City Center’ to that list and you just know a city like this needs a website that does her full justice.

More visitors that stick longer

The team of citymarketing Breda had one clear goal in mind: we need to attract more visitors to the city and they need to stick longer. A multidisciplinary team was assembled and our minds were set to achieve exactly that!

Testing new ideas with a sprint

To kickstart the project and to test the team’s first solutions for the problem we kicked off with a 5-day design sprint. We created a concept and got it tested at the end of the week. We learned a lot about our audience, the stakeholders and what ideas to continue with.

Design, build, repeat

We divided the website plan in several pages and sections and started designing the most important pages first. This way we could start development early and build the site as soon as possible, which enabled the content team to start setting up the hundreds of activities Breda has to offer.

Bringing in the tourist test panel

As we learned a lot from our test users at the start of the project, we wanted a fresh set of users to shine their light upon the new and much more detailed designs. Overall we received very positive feedback, but were also happy to discover some last design improvements.

Dotting i’s, crossing t’s, softening g’s

Enlightened with some new insights from our user test, we made sure all usability issues were resolved by making the last tweaks to the website. We checked the designs for consistency, gave some last feedback to development and then we were ready for launch!


Discover Breda

The marketing team already put a lot of thought into the different themes audiences would like to explore within the city: Food, Culture, Shopping, Sports and Family. For every theme we designed a magazine-like page where users can explore that theme by checking out the several activities and events. The Citymarketing team also wrote interesting articles filled with theme-related highlights for your Breda tour.


Colours of the city digitized

For every theme we created a specific set of colours, but the main colour for the website is a special shade of red, which can also be found in the city logo and flag. The colour is accompanied by a friendly font-face and beautifully shot pictures. All in all we tried the style to express the welcoming atmosphere which you also experience when visiting the city of Breda.

What’s a city trip without things to do? To make sure visitors can prepare their trip as good as possible, we provide an extensive list of activities within the city.

Users can filter the overview on relevant categories. They can even select the date(s) when they’re planning to visit Breda to let the site come up with relevant events and activities in the context of their stay.

A page for everything

Every single activity can be placed in this single and modular design. The colour of the page automatically adjusts to the corresponding theme!

The Result

A complete city guide

The new website for the city of Breda is the perfect place to go if you’re interested in visiting the city. Or if you’re just a major fan of Breda. We’d totally understand.

Final Words Working together with several disciplines, starting with a design sprint and ending with a polished and tested design. The ideal process!

We’ve learned a lot from the design sprint at the start, which really helped us to make good progress once we started with the actual project. Getting input from both stakeholders and potential users during our process helped us to see some things we missed or assumed incorrectly and that only made the site better and better.