Making jobs work
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Working as a temp feels good. The personal contact of your employment agency and its consultant is terrific, their assistance during the application process outstanding. And how satisfying is that warm welcome from your brand new colleagues? Let’s digitalize that feeling, shall we?

Finding a job that suits you

Partnering up with Ristretto, it was our job (sorry for that pun) to give Tempo-Team a modern look and feel and make it easier for temps to find & apply for jobs. We also wanted the vacancies to be more transparent. All in all, the journey to find jobs that are a good fit and apply to the ones you absolutely love became a whole lot smoother.

Illustration describing the challenge

We've come a long way

To put it mildly, a redesign was needed. Tempo-Team was making a shift at the time we started working on the website and wanted to personalise and modernise their brand (resulting in removing the hyphen by the way), yet preserve their recognizability.

Illustration describing the challenge
Illustration describing the challenge
Illustration describing the challenge

Take it up a notch

To preserve recognizability and for practical reasons, we couldn’t change the red. No wonder. If you’re thinking about Tempo-Team, you’re visualizing that color. In the brand book it was supported by the sand, which we utilized to mix up the palette on pages now and then. We provided some extra colors and proposed to change the font, which would be a better fit for a more modern and friendly look and feel we were trying to pursue.

Primary colors







Secondary colors







Typography usage

More than a casual vacancy

Vacancies needed to be clear and provide users with a quick overview whether the job would be a good fit. Not only the title and company would affect a user’s decision. Location and amount of working hours also were important factors to make a job suitable. Besides that, the cards needed to be flexible and had a few different states.

Searchbar for the vacancy bars
Vacancy card example of the tempoteam website
Vacancy card example of the tempoteam website
Vacancy card example of the tempoteam website
Vacancy card example of the tempoteam website
Vacancy card example of the tempoteam website
Vacancy card example of the tempoteam website
Change search button
Ins and outs Vacancies got our special attention. Users told us they’re not easy to read and we knew Tempo-Team also wanted to clean them up.

Vacancies were a bit messy at first. All of them had a different structure and tone of voice. Together with Tempo-Team we came up with a new solid template for vacancies and added a section where users could find more information about the company and culture they possibly would become a part of.

Job offers designed to find your fit

Although every vacancy became a whole lot clearer and now provides users with all the relevant data, we created a sticky personal help line on the bottom of the screen directing to consultant contact options.

Human approach section of the tempoteam webpage
Companies An important insight for us at the start of the project, was the user’s need to get a first impression of the workplace. That’s why we introduced a company page.

By adding this page to the website and providing a description of the company combined with a personal testimonial of a (future) co-worker, users got to know a lot more details about the employer. Getting emotionally acquainted with the company seemed to be important when making a decision about the vacancy being a good fit.

Culture section of the tempoteam webpage

Give a taste of the workplace

We didn’t only want to give practical information of the company, but also apply a more personal touch to it by adding an employee testimonial, photos and company perks.

Responsive In our process we keep in mind all the ways users could interact with the platform in search for a job.

Of course it won’t be much of a surprise that many users use tablets and mobile phones to find new job opportunities. Naturally, we wanted them to have an equally phenomonal browsing experience.

Desktop view of the tempoteam website
Tablet view of the tempoteam website
Mobile view of the tempoteam website
Final Words After succesful user testing we made some last edits to the design, which the folks at Tempo-Team implemented. And they keep optimizing the site still.

Temporary workers can get down to work, thanks to improved and new features such as clear job offers, the possibility to gain insight in corporate culture and an improved application flow. Combined with the modernised branding, Tempo-Team holds all the cards to remain at the top of the ranks in HR.