Earning back expenses for motorhome owners
Camptoo example motorhome renting adCamptoo example motorhome renting adCamptoo example motorhome renting ad
A lot of motorhomes stand still and that’s a waste. Owners still have to pay costs for storage, depreciation, insurance and maintenance. Camptoo helps owners to rent out their motorhome to earn back these expenses.
Camptoo example motorhome renting ad

Make it easier to list and manage your motor home

Together with the Camptoo team we took a trip to their website and rethought the visual identity. We also focused on improving conversion rates on the rental page and the flow that follows.


Colours of the sky and sea

We wanted the style to look more modern and professional, but did not want to lose the adventurous feeling of the brand. That’s why we stuck to colours that are related to nature and designed some fresh looking icons.

Landing page

The benefits of renting out

On this page we aimed for letting motorhome owners realize they could earn their expenses back. We provide them with a simple calculation which shows them direct value leading them towards our registration process.


Earnings and learnings

Once renters finished up their ad, they get access to the dashboard. We helped Camptoo rethink this page from scratch. Users can not only find statistics about their vehicle here, but they also can read valuable tips and tricks to get more out of their listing.

Final words We were thrilled to be part of Camptoo’s journey and it was challenging and fun to improve the flow for motorhome owners from start to end.

Our sprint based approach really helped to get our teams aligned and gave us a lot of room to gain input and feedback fast. The new visual identity makes an entry throughout the entire platform and the flow for motorhome owners is (being) built to get test results.